Observing with Street Lights

Observing with Street Lights
Dark sky sites not always necessary to see the Milky Way (This image was taken ouside of a B&B in Julian, CA)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

AAS meeting comes to an end; Return to the observatory and start to get back to normal after repiping; Great T-shirt found

Greetings from Palmia Observatory

Well, its been a long week in Pasadena and I'm completely worn out and in need of a break.  Attending the AAS/DPS meeting was a lot of fun and I heard about a lot of interesting science and astronomy, but I am definitely on overload, so I am back at the observatory for some needed rest.  Oops, what do I mean?  How can I get any rest at the observatory?  Remember, while this Resident Astronomer, George, has been off having fun in Pasadena, the other Resident Astronomer
Peggy has been coordinating all of the dry wall installers, painters and inspectors trying to get the observatory back in shape following the repipe operation.  She did a great job, thank you much Peggy!  Now all we have to do is put all of our stuff that was on the walls or in cabinets or anywhere near where any water piping had to be accessed and replaced.  This meant that everything in kitchen sink cabinets or bathroom sink cabinets or paintings on the walls near pipe locations, had to be removed and put out of the way while all of the repiping, redoing the drywall and repainting could be done.  It was almost liking moving from one house to another house, except we didn't have to move much of the furniture.  However, we did have to move the piano and some chests and mobile cabinets out of the way, so that holes could be cut in the walls.  Anyway, we are glad that that work is over, now all we have to do is put everything back in its place.

Repipe Repair at the Observatory
This hallway has been patched and painted, but now we have to rehang paintings and put stuff back into cabinets
So we about 70% done and the Astronomer Assistants Ruby, Danny and Willow can mostly find their way around without having to climb over a box or two, so Resident Astronomer Peggy and I went out for dinner.  Normally, I would have been off to OCA Astrophysics SIG, but not tonight, too much work remaining and too much catching up with the other Resident Astronomer.

We circled around some of our favorite spots and finally found we could still get in BJ's on this busy Friday night.  Then just by chance, I spy this guy and T-shirt that really caught my attention.  As a physicist wannabe, I just had to find out the history of the shirt.  He, Dale or Dave or something, sorry, I can't quite remember, is an actual physicist and he and his wife were enjoying the night out until someone asks about the shirt and if that someone can take a picture of his shirt.  Ok, ok, he was really friendly and it turns out he used his physics background to start a laser engraving company.  It turns out that there is a big market for laser engraving now because unlike ink markings on products, which can be erased and inked over, it is very difficult to change an engraved marking without it being noticeable.  He says that marking expiration dates on medical products and drugs is becoming much more important now as counterfeit products are being sold way beyond their expiration dates.  Pretty neat!  Thanks for that story and thanks for the T-shirt photo.

Now, this is a pretty neat T-shirt

So, I missed the OCA astrophysics SIG this month and we can't make it to the OCA Black Star party, but it was a pretty interesting if different week.

Until next time

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